What is a Free-lancer?

Random Collision, Groningen @ April 19, 2011

Organised by Edan Gorlicki @ Random Collision, Groningen @ April 19, 2011

Random Collision is volunteering to contribute to the national initiative Network for Choreography & Related Art, grouping freelance artists and related organizations.

(please read and sign the petition)

The Network was created with the aim to introduce a proposal for the government, taking freelance artists into consideration in the next financially "hard times". This proposal is initiated by several freelance dance artists and Danslab, an initative for choreographic research and discourse in The Hague. They have asked organizations (like us) and artists all around the country to commute and brainstorm on ideas that could be of help in protecting freelance work in the future. This is important!

We at Random Collision believe that the Groningen art scene can contribute respectfully to this proposal. It is important for the Network to receive information, ideas, opinions, remarks, suggestions and possible solutions in order to bring forward and develop this proposal.

We would like to invite you and anybody you know that could contribute to a brainstorming session, discussing these issues and seeing what we could bring to this proposal. This is about YOUR voice...

Unfortunately, we have to move fast!
We are happy to host this Brainstorm Session in the Random Collision Studio in Groningen (Noorderkerkstraat 5-7) on Tuesday, April 19 at 19:00. Random Collision is offering the space and the time, the content is your contribution.
Please do your best to spread the word and attend yourself. this is for all of us!
We ask you to please forward this email to your network and hope to see you there,


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