We shape and articulate a concept for the freelance scene for Choreography & Related Arts, where we are taking responsibility for the nature, the purpose and the scale of our work. We attempt to create an exclusive structure, where different artistic interests, approaches and outcomes are appreciated AND needed!

Our concept takes shape in a series of open discussions and work sessions. More than 440 people have signed an earlier version online. The proposal is constantly discussed with independent artists from other disciplines, scientists operating within arts policy, philosophers and sociologists, and experts from industry.

April 7th 2011: we sent our first proposal to the Raad voor Cultuur.

May 9th 2011: we sent the proposal to

Initiators / Building the team

Jette Schneider (coordinator Danslab, co-initiator network), Jack Gallagher (choreographer, teacher, researcher), Bruno Listopad (choreographer, artistic consultant, teacher), Giulia Mureddu (choreographer, performer), Keren Levi (choreographer, teacher, performer), Diane Elshout (dramaturge, researcher, choreographer), Eline Tan (performer, draft advisor), Eric Schrijver (designer), Janine Toussaint (f.a.Q.// graphic visuals), Wanda Cremers (translator and edit), Thomas Körtvélyessy (co-translator), Noud Verhave (photographer)

Everybody is welcome and needed to build the network. Send us an email if you would like to join and contribute.

Thanks to

Judith Schoneveld, Bart van de Laak, IMI, Kunsten '92, Carla Hoekendijk, Thieu Besselink, Toine Minnaert, ICKamsterdam, Chris Keulemans, BAVO, Tim de Mey, Eric Holterhues, Studio Duel


Network for Choreography & Related Art
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